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Dalourny Nemorin

Dalourny Nemorin is an experienced attorney with a background in criminal and family defense. Before joining the Wren Collective, she was a staff attorney in the Criminal Appeals Bureau of The Legal Aid Society.  There, she represented clients challenging their criminal convictions on direct appeal, at Sex Offender Registration Act hearings, and other post-conviction proceedings.

Prior to working in criminal defense, Dalourny represented parents against state infringement on their fundamental right to parent in civil proceedings in family court, administrative hearings, and interlocutory appeals to the appellate division. Her work within the child welfare system provides her with a deep understanding of the failures of the foster care system and the discriminatory practices against parents of color in low-income communities. She also  worked at the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, where their holistic defense model highlighted the overlapping issues people in low-income communities face in the criminal, family, and housing court systems. Dalourny’s advocacy is not limited to the courtroom. She was the former secretary of the New York City Bar Association’s Corrections and Re-Entry Committee.

Dalourny received a B.A from Florida International University and her J.D. from CUNY School of Law.

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